Rania Rambles On: Exhibit Two – Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Rania Rambles On: Exhibit Two – Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I got introduced to the concept of revenge when my first best friend started spreading false rumors about me and I wanted to hurt her the same way she hurt me. I got acquainted with it when I started dating and realized that I was being lied to so I wanted to make these boys pay for their mistakes and then I got super acquainted with it when I started working and I saw how people can literally throw you under the bus and topple you down so they can get ahead of you. I thought it was really unfair that these people can get away with what they’ve done so easily.

Each one of those incidents fueled my anger because I was so attached to the idea that people can only learn when you give them a taste of their own medicine and I felt like it was my duty to make that happen as soon as possible so that they burn from the same fire they lit for me but to my surprise, my tactics ended up backfiring one way or another. Every time I’d seek revenge, I’d lose even more and it bothered me that I couldn’t take matters into my own hands.

In some cases I won and it felt good but it still didn’t bring my best friend back and it didn’t make me feel better about these boys, I didn’t get my justice or closure and it didn’t get those who got ahead of me at work fired. It was a nice temporary feeling to see those who hurt me struggle but the end result wasn’t really what I wanted.

Let me tell you the ripple effect of each story; my best friend who stabbed me ended up being toxic to anyone who befriended her while I went on and pursued other more genuine friendships with more like-minded people. As for my exes, I, later on, heard so many stories about them that I was totally unaware of that made me bow down and thank God a thousand times that I wasn’t the one they ended up with and I always met someone much better for me. As for my old coworkers and bosses, I ended up changing my whole career and found my passion in writing and my words reached millions of hearts and brought me more joy & success than I could have ever imagined. Ironically, my previous adversaries turned into fans.

I once read a quote that said “revenge is a dish best served cold” but I never really grasped how this is a good thing, that you get your revenge years after the moment has passed but I realized that it’s not entirely up to you. Sometimes life gives you that revenge on its own and karma ends up doing to others what they once did to you. Whether you watch that happen or not, rest assured that justice will eventually prevail and those who poisoned you will drink from that cup one day.

My dad got a bad case of COVID last year and he spent almost a month in the ICU and I was very upset that certain people knew and never cared to ask. It made me feel very sick that I actually trusted people who can’t even do the right thing when it comes to etiquette or just show courtesy in these situations but it also reminded me of what these people are really made of and confirmed my beliefs that sometimes life takes the trash out for you and removes the toxic people out of your life for a reason. It made me realize that the best revenge was walking away and moving on without them in my life.

And here’s the funny thing about revenge, it comes when you’re not seeking it. The other day my friend sent me a photo of my book in one of the restaurants she goes to. I didn’t know it was being displayed there. Anyway, this is one of the restaurants that my ex also goes to, and for the longest time he made me feel like a failure and at one point he completely ghosted me and went on dating a bunch of other girls. He also told one of his friends that he didn’t want to be with a writer in case I wrote about our story and called him out. Here we are in 2021, I wrote about him in my sold-out book that’s displayed at the restaurant he probably goes to with his current girlfriend. I don’t know about you but that’s better than any revenge I could have ever cooked up…..REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD.

This Is Your Closure

This Is Your Closure

Unsplash/Joshua Rawson-Harris

Maybe he really loved you.
Maybe she really cared.
He probably wasn’t lying
when he said you were special.
She probably was telling the truth
when she told you she needed you.
Maybe he was truly afraid of losing you.
Maybe she did see a future with you.
Maybe everything that was said at the moment was true.
Maybe they weren’t all lies.
Maybe all these promises were
never meant to be broken.
But here’s what makes all the difference,
here’s the one question you should always ask yourself —
Where are they now?
Why didn’t they stay?
Why didn’t they hold on? 
Why weren’t they beside you
when you didn’t have anyone by your side?
Why did he leave?
Why did she walk away?
Because he can be prince charming
when things are pretty
and she can be your biggest fan
when you’re saying all the right things,
but when the ride gets bumpy
and the road gets darker
and you’re lost in the middle of nowhere
you’ll need someone who shows up for you.
Someone who stays with you
until you find your way home
or someone who gets lost with you.
Because you’ve been walking alone
and you’re good at it.
You know how to get around and
you know you will eventually find your way
but if you’re going to pick someone to join you
don’t pick the one who is going to drop you off
at the nearest exit,
pick the one who will stick around till the end.
Pick the one who blasts the music so loud to silence your fears.
Pick the one who holds your hand and tells you you’re almost there.
Pick the one who will go anywhere with you.
So here’s your closure;
it’s not about whether or not they meant what they said
or whether their feelings were true.
It’s about where they are now
Are they here with you?
or are they driving away?
And if they drove away
please keep walking alone.
You don’t need another temporary passenger.
You don’t need another fictitious closure.