Rania Naim is an established writer and author. She started writing for Thought Catalog in 2016 and has published three books. Her book All The Words I Should Have Said was sold out during its first edition.

Rania Naim grew up in Cairo, Egypt with more than just a passion for writing, it was her dream. After living some of her most pivotal years stateside, Rania is able to couple her dream while bringing a range of topics to light. Rania writes about the struggles of life, healing, self-love, faith, self-improvement, relationships, family & childhood issues and the pursuit of your best tomorrow.

Before pursuing writing full-time, Rania worked in Media & Marketing in both Egypt and Washington, DC. Her international experience and exposure allowed her to understand different people, different cultures and different perspectives.

Rania’s passion for writing bloomed when she realized that she wants to dedicate her time bringing personal stories to life. Her stories are all inspired by true events and everyday conversations. Rania always has something to say….always.

When she’s not writing, Rania loves traveling, working out, dancing, hanging out with friends and binge watching entire seasons on Netflix.

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