One Day, It Will Just Hit You

Nikita Kachanovsky

And one day it will just hit you. On a random Tuesday afternoon, as you’re sitting in a cafe sipping tea, it will just hit you that you deserve so much more. You deserve so much better.

Someone who truly wants you. Someone who wants to try. Someone who wants to take a chance.

It will hit you when you start feeding yourself the bitter truth instead of your sweet lies. It will hit you when you try to sum up their actions and they don’t add up. It will hit you when you realize they only liked how you made them feel. The validation they got from you. The attention you gave them so effortlessly and the way you built them up when they were broken.

It will hit you that when it was your turn to ask for what you wanted and ask for your efforts to be matched, they ran away. They couldn’t step up because they didn’t value you. They valued how you made them feel. It was never about you from the start. It was always about them. They never saw you. The only saw the way you viewed them and they fell in love with it. They fell in love with the image you created — the person they’re never going to be.

But please don’t hate yourself for sticking around longer than you should or giving more or caring more. Please don’t say you’re a fool for believing in something more. Please don’t beat yourself up for thinking that they could have been right for you because you gave it your all, you were brave enough to try, you showed up, you embraced your vulnerability and told them how you truly felt and and that’s what truly matters.

That’s how you will move on easily and peacefully. That’s how you will let go with ease because trust me, it will hit them one day, on a random Tuesday afternoon as they’re sitting in a cafe sipping tea that they should have tried harder. They should have loved you when you cared. They should have known that you will eventually walk away. They should have known that when you decide to leave, you’re never coming back.

It will hit them only when it’s too late. Only when you’re gone.

The Beauty Of Choosing To Trust God Instead Of Worrying

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 11.23.26 AM

Something beautiful happens when you trust God.

Things don’t hurt you as much as they used to.

Endings don’t cause you pain.

The unknown doesn’t stress you out.

Life doesn’t scare you anymore because you’re not attached to the outcome. You’re not attached to a single plan. You’re not attached to a picture of how things should look like.

You just live knowing that everything will be ok. Everything will be fine. Everything will work itself out because, at the end of the day, there’s only so much you can do.

At the end of the day, you’re not in control.

You can jump up or fall down, crawl or run, yell or scream but nothing will ever change what God wrote for you.

So be still.

Stay calm. Keep believing in him and his plans.

What’s not meant for you will always evade you and what’s meant for you will always find you no matter where you are.

People will tell you that you need to have a plan for your future and make decisions quickly and figure things out but God will tell you that you need to be patient. You need to listen. You need to wait for your turn or your moment. You need to follow his lead.

And trust me when I say that no one will make you feel better, no one will understand what you’re going through and no one will help you or heal you except for God.

So let all your fears and worries go for a second and be still. The universe is moving things for you. God is working things out for you. You are safe.

A New Journey


Today, the search for meaning begins again. Today, the search for something more begins again. Today, the search for a new home begins again. Today marks the end of my two-year journey with Thought Catalog. It’s been a life-changing journey for me and they’ve helped me become the writer I am today. I’ll always be grateful for the chance they took on me and will never forget that they believed in my voice when no one else did, but writing every day for two years and forcing myself to reopen old wounds, be vulnerable and expose myself day in and day out took a toll on me mentally and emotionally.

Granted, it was liberating to let it all out and it healed me in so many ways and helped me connect deeply with all of you but at times it was very difficult and it was hard to fully let go of the pain knowing I had to count on it for inspiration time and time again. I’m excited now to explore other opportunities and see where this journey takes me. I’m excited to find my new voice and I’m excited to share it all with you.

Change is not always easy but it’s necessary and it helps you grow and challenge your comfort zone but it also pushes you to dig out more gifts and treasures within you. I’ll always be thankful for each and everyone one of you and your undeniable support and love that made those two years even more memorable. For the first time in a really long time, I don’t have a plan and I don’t want to have one. I just want to see where life takes me and the new doors God will open for me but one thing is for sure, I’ll always follow my heart!

Today, another wonderful chapter ends and a new one begins. Let’s see what’s written in this one!

Writer & Poet